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Dan’s TEDx Talk: Breaking Free from Routine: How to Live a More Exciting Life!


Teddy Roosevelt’s Legacy: Be the Doer of Deeds


In my TEDx Talk, I explored the enduring legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, encapsulated in his famous “Man in the Arena” speech. Roosevelt urged individuals to be the “doer of deeds,” emphasizing the courage to engage in life actively. This timeless message resonates across generations, urging us to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and contribute meaningfully to society. Roosevelt’s words inspire a call to action, fostering a spirit of resilience and tenacity. In embodying the role of the doer of deeds, we discover our true potential and, in turn, shape a legacy that transcends mere existence. The essence lies not in the fear of failure but in the bravery of participation, creating a lasting impact on the world.





TEDx Tips: Getting a TEDx Talk

Persistence is key when pursuing a TEDx Talk. After submitting your application, take the initiative to politely follow up on its status. This not only demonstrates your genuine interest but also underscores your commitment to the opportunity. A courteous follow-up expresses your enthusiasm and can potentially bring your application to the forefront. In the competitive realm of TEDx, being proactive and respectful in seeking updates may set you apart, increasing the likelihood of your talk being noticed and considered.


TEDx Tips: Delivering a Great TEDx Talk

A compelling TEDx Talk hinges on a powerful conclusion. Build momentum throughout your talk, leading the audience on a journey that crescendos to a memorable takeaway. Whether it’s a thought-provoking question, a poignant story, or a call to action, leave your audience with a lasting impression. A well-crafted conclusion is the key to making your ideas resonate beyond the stage, ensuring that your talk lingers in the minds and hearts of those who have shared in your insights.


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