Good Habits are just as hard to break as Bad Habits!

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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits; they’re just a little harder to start! But start them you can!

Most of what happens to us usually happens because of us and we usually don’t even know it! Most of our behavior is done out of habit without giving it much thought at all. Thus, our behavior is what usually creates our future. And sadly it’s not the future that we probably want, but regardless it’s the one we’re going to get!

You see much of our thinking, much of our inner-rules, and much of our habits have been planted inside of us by someone else. Many times we are pre-programmed by our parents, neighbors, classmates, and friends, and we don’t even know it. We’re unconsciously living their lives, instead of our own, and we DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

We have developed many habits over the years and we rarely ever think about them. Some of these habits are good, and some of them are bad.

I’m asking you to stop and think about your habits. Which ones are serving you? Those are the good ones and you want to keep them! Now, the more painful question. Which habits are not serving you? These are the bad habits and they are enslaving you to a hard unfulfilling life! These are the ones you want to get rid of; quickly!

The good news is that it’s not too late to change. And Yes, even you can change… It’s going to take a little work. Nobody said this is going to be easy. But you need to stop serving your bad habits and turn them into good habits that now serve you!

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a dramatic shift in your life for the better. And you know what? You’ll also find that good habits are hard to break!!! Enjoy!

Now, please share how you will use the success secret of Good Habits are just as hard to break as Bad Habits!


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