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I’ve heard somewhere that most of our behaviors are habitual and done without much thought. It’s sort of like we’re on autopilot. Well, I think it’s time to adjust that autopilot for success! If we do this then our habits will begin to serve us, rather than us serving them.

The first thing we need to do is create a Mission Statement where we write down our goals and behaviors of the kind of person we want to be. Next, we read our newly written Mission Statement every morning when we get up and every night before we go to bed with enthusiasm and determination! Eventually, the concepts, behaviors, and habits of the type of person we want to be will be in our head and dominate our thoughts. We will eventually become the successful person we’ve been visualizing, and we will be rewarded with much success and many of the good things that successful people usually enjoy!

As a positive consequence to following the advice above, we’ll eventually develop the habits to live a higher quality life than we presently live now. Our success will seem automatic, almost like we were now on autopilot to succeed!

This works because when we come to the pivotal moments in our life, our body and brain will automatically know what to do! We will perform the winning behaviors without hesitation or much thought. Why? Because our body and brain feel like they have already done this task successfully thousands of times before. It just feels natural now to perform in the ways we visualized in successfully completing the tasks. Our brain and body has been conditioned to win!

So don’t hesitate. Get going right now and write your Mission Statement. Read your Mission Statement everyday with enthusiasm and passion and get ready for massive success…

Now, please share when you do create your mission statement.


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Daniel Blanchard

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