Is It Your Thoughts, Or Your Words?

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Is is your thoughts or is it your words that matter the most?

In my last two blogs of, “Watch Your Mouth” and “Control Your Thoughts” I gave you two different paths to living a successful life. The first one was to be careful, thoughtful, and deliberately choose your words wisely because eventually they will create your reality. In the latter blog, I warned you to control your thoughts because they too will eventually either lead you up the road to success or down the road to failure…

So which piece of advice is more important? Which one controls the other one? Where is the biggest bang for your buck?


Ah come on… Don’t whine. We should all be used to multitasking by now. You can’t concentrate on just one, you need to concentrate on both to be successful and to truly live up to your full potential.

You see, when you don’t control your thoughts, then eventually whatever comes to your mind first will be the first thing to exit your mouth. There is a reason why we all know that famous old saying of, “Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth”. Control your thoughts or you will say things you shouldn’t have said. You only get one chance to make a first impression. 

Next, watch your mouth. If you don’t watch your mouth and just say anything to anybody, unfortunately you’ll be slowly and negatively affecting your thought pattern. The more negative things you say, the more negative your thoughts become…

Once your mouth and thought pattern take on a negative life of their own, we all better look out. Nothing good can come from all this negativity. However once your mouth and your thought pattern take on a conscious positive life of their own, then look out and put on your sun glasses because this world is about to be a brighter place.

In the end, watching your mouth, and controlling your thoughts is one hand washing the other on a two way street. So, be congnizant of this secrets of success and make sure you’re on it going the right direction…

Now,, please share how you will use the success secret of Is It Your Thoughts, Or Your Words.


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