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Have you ever heard your mom say, “If you ain’t got anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” I’m willing to bet that you have. Now why do you think that your mom would say that to you?

Probably because your mom is a little older and little wiser than you and knew that nothing good could possibly come out of saying negative things to other people. As you get older the more and more you’re realize how much your parents really did know!

However, at the present, I think we can all at least conceptually understand that the mother is right in the case above. After all we don’t want anybody saying bad things to us, so in return we shouldn’t say bad things about other people, right?

Of course we shouldn’t say bad things about other people! And if anybody says bad things about us than they don’t deserve to be our friend anymore!

I think we can all agree on this above, but what if the person saying bad things about you is YOU?

We all have thousands and thousands of thoughts running through our minds all day long. And many of those thoughts are negative like, “I better not try that because I’ll probably fail.” Or, “That person would never date me because I’m not good enough looking.” Or, “I’m just not good enough.”

Think about this for a moment. If one of your friends said one-tenth of the negative stuff to you that you say to yourself everyday, then that friend wouldn’t be a friend anymore. Don’t you think that at least YOU need to be your own friend? Well then, cross over the line in the sand, and get back on your own side, and stop saying bad stuff about yourself!

You see negative or positive thoughts create negative or positive emotions. These negative or positive emotions create negative or positive behaviors. Your negative or positive behaviors will eventually create a negative or positive daily habits. Your negative or positive daily habits will create a negative or positive life…

Don’t you deserve the best life possible for you and your future family? Of course you do! But the only way your going to create this life is if you stop talking bad to yourself and fill that void with positive self-empowering talk. In short, control your thoughts.

Have the discipline to control your thoughts and you’ll be able to control your destiny!

Now, please share how you plan to control your thoughts.


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Daniel Blanchard

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