Is Your Thinking, Stinking?

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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Is your “Thinking”, “Stinking”? Hmm…  “What an odd question?” You may be asking right about now.

True… But it’s true… Most of us are our own victims to stinking thinking. Come on, admit it! Every one of us knows that our minds are racing all day long and with a river, and sometimes even a raging-river of non-stop thoughts speeding through our minds.

Ah, yes. I see your heads nodding up and down. You all agree about this river of thoughts thing. Now I want you to think and think hard for a moment. Do the majority of the thoughts that run non-stop through your mind all day seem positive and empowering, or negative and disempowering?

Be honest. If you’re human, and normal, and like most of us, then you have to admit that you’re having more negative thoughts than positive thoughts. In other words, your thinking is stinking!

The good news, or should I say the positive news is that now you are aware of this and you can now do something positive about it. It won’t be easy, but with practice over time you can get pretty good at controlling your thoughts. But first you’ll have to decide if this is something you’re going to do…

If you don’t decide to do this, then your stinking thinking and your life may just stay the same, and you’ll get what you always get, and you are to blame.

I think you’re better than that, and you want more than that. Don’t you?

So starting today, decide to better control your thoughts. Put more of a positive spin on everything. And slowly cast out your stinking thinking!

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Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard

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