The Simple Things in Life, are the Best Things in Life!

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A few summers ago my daughter and I were swimming in our pool. This day had been like most others, so I had no way of knowing that this one would go down in our family history as a memory we still talk about from time to time.

The sun was setting and the night was quickly approaching. From the shallow end of our pool my daughter noticed it first. Right about eye level, building it’s life connections to the bottom of the freshly painted blue fence that surrounded our pool was a spider spinning her web. It surprised me that my daughter wasn’t grossed out.

Instead, she delightfully watched as the spider busied herself in the cycle of life. As we both gazed at this wonder of nature, a very simple thought hit me. I had lost track of time. I didn’t know how long we had been standing there staring at that spider building her web. But, regardless, we were just simply having fun and we hadn’t really done anything special, I thought. We hadn’t saved the world or bought something expensive. We hadn’t even traveled on some big airplane to some far off exotic land. However, in contrast, I believe we were both just as fulfilled as if we had done these things mentioned above.

What we had done was to spend time together and appreciate the simple things in life. We laughed and talked about the circle of life, and what it means to die and what it means to really live. We talked about how precious our limited amount of time is on this planet and how we should pause to enjoy the simple things in life like the flight of a bird, and a spider weaving her web. In addition,  we also talked about the importance of leading rather than following.

Be a leader, and enjoy the simple things in life for they truly are the best things in life!

Now, please share how you plan to make the simple things in life, the best things in life.

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Daniel Blanchard

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