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Labels! Oooh… Ralph Lauren… Oooh…  Polo…  Nike… Oooh… Labels. Look at all the labels that we’re surrounded by everyday, everywhere we go, and everywhere we look!

Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator
Are you wearing any labels? Have you allowed anyone to place a label on you? Has anyone ever labeled you as, “too small”? How about, “too slow”? How about, “not good enough”? What labels have you allowed others to place on you?
How about you? Have you been generous or mean-spirited in labeling yourself? Remember, your negative self-talk is ten-times more defeating than others’ negative labels of you.
In short, be kind to yourself and don’t always listen to the experts who tell you that you’re not properly equipped to contend and succeed in this highly competitive world., The “experts” or should I say, “cognitive misers” steal your ability to think for yourself. Sadly, most of us take the easy way out and let others do our thinking for us. We say, “Oh well, if the experts say it; then it must be so.” Do yourself a favor and do you’re own thinking because there are no problems in this world that can stand up to prolonged and active thinking and a never-surrender problem solving attitude!

Come on people! It’s time to take off the victim label. Go ahead. Slip and slide it up and over your head. You can do it. It’s easier than you think. Got it off? Good. Now throw away that victim label and proudly put on your very own victory label. Yeah… Wear that victory label with pride and power because from this moment on you are the one in charge of what labels you wear!

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan on using the secret power of labels to succeed.

Thank You.

Dan Blanchard-Author of Granddaddy’s Secrets

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