Little Things Matter!

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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Hey, everybody! You ever feel like you’re totally overwhelmed and the whole world is against you? You ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels one hundred miles per hour, but getting no where? I do. I get this feeling more often then I would like to admit. However, whenever I get frustrated and feel like I’m getting no where, I try to remember that little things matter. If I can just accomplish one tiny, little thing, everyday, then by next year at this time I would have gained an enormous amount of ground toward my life goals! When things get tough, I think we would all like to just take the easy way out and just quit, but don’t do it. Instead, remember one of Granddaddy’s Secrets: Little Things Matter! They really do matter!

Finally, please share how you plan to use the success secret of Little Things Matter.

Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard