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Well, today my family and I are moving to our new house! This is something that is done everyday, all around the world. So, it should be something that is simple right?

Wrong! This move has at times been overwhelming and very difficult. The best laid plans have been altered and changed more times than I can count until I can no longer even recognize our game plan.

However, there is a lesson to be learned here. Over this summer I have been repeatedly reminded that no person is an island, and one must persevere through it all if one is to have a successful move.

There are a lot of people involved in trying to make this move a successful one. And if all this work goes into a one day adventure that takes place all over the world everyday; think about how much team work has to go into your own life to make it successful.

Furthermore, if my wife and I have constantly been tested this summer by one thing after another not going as planned, think about how much won’t go as planned over a  lifetime! If you’re going to have a successful life, you’re going to have to have some real perseverance and some real staying-power!

In conclusion, I guess all I can say is:, “Work well with others and keep on going!”

Finally, please share how you plan to use the success secret of Team Work.


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