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My Granddaddy was a simple man. He didn’t live in a BIG house, or drive a BIG car, nor did he spend an abundance of money on fancy clothes. It seems the only thing in abundance that he ever acquired was his over-flowing warmth, wisdom, and generosity. And he was always quick to share these gifts of his with others.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say my Granddaddy lived a simple man’s life, I don’t want you to think that he wasn’t ambitious! He was very ambitious and motivated to succeed!

However, I think his magic was that he was extremely ambitious, talented, and driven, while not looking like he was in a hurry or trying to out-do someone else. He would always rather be your partner then your competitor.

He kept life really simple!

I can still remember the day I asked my Granddaddy why he didn’t live in a BIG house like other successful people. He replied that he didn’t live like those other wealthy people because he wanted to keep more of his money. This way he could give back to his family, friends, and people in need rather then giving all of his money to his banker, who obviously didn’t need the cash.

Wow! This concept just blew me away! My Granddaddy could afford those luxury items, but instead he chose to live without them so that he could give back to others who were less fortunate.

I never forgot that lesson. From that moment on I dedicated my life to becoming successful while living a simple man’s life a little bit more everyday. Now I’m an aspiring simple man. Every day I’m getting a little closer to my goals. And I too give back to the less fortunate as often as I can!

Now, please share with us how are you going to get out there and live a successful simple man’s life?


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Daniel Blanchard

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