The North Wind Made the Vikings!

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Some of us may have heard this famous Norwegian expression before and some of us may not have. What does The North Wind Made the Vikings really mean?

Well, after hopefully reading a bunch of my blogs you probably have my style figured out by now. And you probably also know that I’m going to turn this saying about the Vikings into something powerful that has to do with leadership and succeeding…

Well, you’re right! This famous Norse saying does have to do with leadership and succeeding. But before I tell you what I think it’s about, I want you to think about this a little bit on your own…

Are you ready? I imagine the north wind was probably pretty cold on the Vikings back, wouldn’t you? I also imagine that sometimes the north wind could be brutal and even cause vicious ocean storms and even shipwrecks, don’t you?

So if the Vikings were going to survive this north wind then they would have to be pretty tough people, right? As a matter of fact, I bet this north wind made them tough as steel, just like it would make you and me tough, right? And for the Vikings that didn’t adapt and become tough they would probably just die off, right?  It’s sort of like Darwin’s natural selection, isn’t it? Survival of the fittest?

So the lesson here is that none of us should complain about our circumstances! We should just go out and perform and let our circumstances shape us into tougher people, right?

Yeah! And once we get beyond our circumstance shaping our toughness, then we can move into using our circumstances to succeed beyond our wildest dreams, right?

I mean, wasn’t it the north wind that enabled the Vikings to sail, travel, explore, conquer and acquire great wealth, as well as beautiful brides?

Now, I’m not saying to go invade other countries and steal their wealth and women, but what I am saying is that sometimes a liability is really an asset in disguised. “Liabilities” are assets that we just haven’t figured yet.

And once we figure out how to use our circumstances or these so called liabilities, we’ll see that it is the one thing that not only shapes us, but also makes us wildly successful! Hmm… Go figure… Who would have thought?

Now, please share with us how are you going to use your north wind to succeed?


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