The Trick is to Not Judge People too Quickly!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Sometimes life is tricky, wouldn’t you agree? There is a lot that we do not understand in this world. And in some ways, believe it or not, that is a good thing. Not knowing everything gives us something to work towards and keeps us from getting bored too easily. This […]

Extra Work is Not Too Hard!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Life is already hard enough, right? And if it is already hard enough, then wouldn’t it be even harder, or maybe even too hard, to do more than we are already doing? Well, it’s hard to disagree with that statement, but maybe we should look at what comes next when […]

We Are Supposed to Be Successful!

A Unique Leadership Blog! We humans want to be happy and fulfilled. It’s a basic human need. Most of human behavior stems from trying to be happy and fulfilled. We also try to avoid pain too, but avoiding pain is one of the roads we take to try to stay happy. It’s hard to be […]