Book Marketing For Authors Blog 91- The Benefits of Good Networking

The Benefits of Good Networking   Okay, quick story. And I’m sure some of you can relate to this story. A long time ago, I saw a fellow co-worker unfairly targeted by his supervisor because he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut in meetings. This co-worker was a high-quality guy, and when he saw something that […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 80- Networking

Networking   Networking is a must. But networking doesn’t work my self-published indie authors unless the work is behind it. Networking is really just an accelerator to all the work we’re already doing. I’m sure my authorpreneurs are already aware of this fact. Some great work to be doing is interviewing. Yup. This is such […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 26-Partnering Up

Partnering Up Hey, we’ve all heard of marrying up, right? It’s when someone marries another who is out of their class, you know, above them. When one marries up, that particular individual gets elevated in status. They are handed all sorts of opportunities that he or she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on their […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 5- Building Relationships and Networking

Building Relationships and Networking One of the easiest ways to build relationships and build your network is to do favors for others. Psychologists have even done studies that show when you do a favor for someone or let them do a favor for you, it builds a stronger bond between the two parties. And anyone […]