Book Marketing For Authors Blog 80- Networking



Networking is a must. But networking doesn’t work my self-published indie authors unless the work is behind it. Networking is really just an accelerator to all the work we’re already doing. I’m sure my authorpreneurs are already aware of this fact.

Some great work to be doing is interviewing. Yup. This is such a cool way to work our networking because we’re actually doing something for someone else first. We can get influencers additional exposure and name recognition through interviewing. The shakers and movers also get a chance to know we exist and develop a relationship with us.

It’s a win-win, wouldn’t you agree?

And it’s also a very easy and fun way to network. It’s definitely more comfortable than walking up to a stranger, handing them your business card, and hitting them with our elevator pitch. Those elevator pitches always sounded so forced and unnatural to me.

Someone asking me to be on their show it much more pleasant. And I usually say yes to them. And guess what, others typically say yes to me too when I ask them if I can interview them. These same people will probably say yes to you as well

Now don’t sweat it if you don’t have an internet television show or a podcast. You can always start a blog. Then ask to interview them. Blogs are a great way to interview people and network with them. They also help us build those professional and maybe even personal relationships and friendships with others higher up the mountain than us.

Another great way to network with people is to put them in the back of our books. I often contacted influencers and asked them if they’d like to be one of my experts at the end of my book. Most of them said yes.

This is so easy to do. And most influencers will be honored that we reached out to them to be an expert. And that we gave them additional exposure in the back of our books. It’s easy. Just reach out to the experts, tell them what your book is about, and then ask them to give your audience some advice on the same topic. Then put them and their opinion in the back of your book. It’s that easy.

If you’re fortunate, they will become life-long friends and promote your book because it’s a win-win for them and us. Through your thoughtful networking, you created a win-win where the influencer gets additional exposure. And the weight of their name and their efforts help you sell more books.

Who knows what other doors will open down the road now that your networking turned this expert into a professional and personal friend.

In addition, let’s find out where the influencers in our market hang out both online and offline. Then we just simply spend some time there so we can bump into them. Maybe we bump into them on Twitter, perhaps it’s in a chat room, or maybe it’s at church or on a zoning board meeting, or at a sports event. Perhaps we meet them at some association meeting or out at a book signing.

Where they’re hanging out doesn’t matter as much as us figuring out wherever that place is and then being in that area so we can discover each other. Now that’s networking.

But a word to the wise, even if the influencer is a star, don’t get too googly-eyed on them. They would rather just have a fun conversation with a regular person, than someone who is worshipping them.

Yeah, I know… we all wish we had that problem of people worshipping us… But trust me, after a while, it gets old. And even stars are still just regular people who would like to talk to other ordinary people. So don’t scare them away by kissing the ground they walk on. We all put on our pants the same way. And when we compose ourselves in that manner, the influencers will be more impressed with us and quicker to hang out with us.

And that is a good thing.

In the end, remember to always be helpful and always be kind. And who knows who you’ll be rubbing elbows with next.

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