These Are “The Good Old Days”!

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I’m sure everyone of us has heard either a family member or a friend talk about the, “Good Old Days”. They’ll say things like it was a simpler time. Life was easier back then, and you had more leisure time to do the things you wanted to do.

Well, I’m here to tell you that the, “Good Old Days” weren’t always so good, and tomorrow is not as bad as it may seem…

Think about this for a moment: Air conditioning is only about 100-years old. Imagine today trying to live without any relief at all from the summer heat. And if you live down in the south, look out and get ready to sweat a lot.

Now think about this for a moment: It was only about 50-years ago that you usually couldn’t even drive continuously for an hour. While trying to go for a nice day on the beach in order to escape the heat we just talked about, you would usually have to pull over a few times to fix a flat tire. The poor quality of tires in those days and the poor quality of the bumpy roads were just too much on the average car. Oh, by the way, you also had to stop and change or fix your tires at least once or twice on the way home too!

Now think about this for a moment: It was only about 25-years ago that your parents supposedly had to walk to school several miles, in the driving snow, and uphill both ways. They tend to remind you of this when they hear you complaining about something.

Ha, ha, ha… I thought you might be chuckling a little bit by now about that last one.

Listen, ultimately, if you wander aimlessly through life thinking that the, “Good Old Days” have already passed us by, then you are causing yourself to live well below your potential.

Remember, “These are the Good Old Days!” Any thoughts of anything less than this, is only self-defeating. Don’t Do It!

Control your thoughts, and say it with me now, “These are the Good Old Days!” Very good. Now go out and have a good old positive and productive time…

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