The Mighty Oak!

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Dan Blanchard- award-winning author, speaker, and educator

Have you ever just stopped, paused, and examined the world around you? If you do this, you will find that every day you are surrounded by miracles throughout your entire life.

Take, for example, the humongous Mighty Oak tree. How did that huge thing come out of that little acorn? Think about this for a moment. No, seriously, take a moment to really think about this. How did such a large, powerful, enduring, and Mighty Oak tree come out of that little acorn?

It blows your mind to think about this. You’re probably struggling to find the right words to explain what you feel right about now.

Speaking of feelings that cause you to be tongue-tied, let me ask you about that feeling you get when someone in your family, or maybe even a close personal friend, has a baby. You probably have that feeling again that you can’t seem to put into words. Isn’t there something really special about human life that you can feel but just can’t seem to explain yet?

You want to know what you’re really feeling but don’t have the words for yet?

You’re looking at that human life and feeling that that baby has the potential to live a large, powerful, enduring, and mighty life, just like that Mighty Oak tree that came out of that little, bitty acorn.

In fact, it’s just not a baby, or a Mighty Oak tree that has the potential to live life LARGE and MIGHTY! It’s also you, me, and every one of us that can surprisingly come from almost nothing and live as LARGE as the Mighty Oak tree with the proper guidance, planning, and delaying gratifications form something bigger and mightier in our futures.

Some people call this the marshmallow test…

Be a Mighty Oak, and live LARGE, my friend!

Now, please share how you plan to be the mighty oak.


Thanks for your time,


Daniel Blanchard