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Scenario One: “Good morning. How are you?” asked Billy. “Okay, I guess.” answered Mary.

Scenario Two: “Hello. How are you?’ asked Manny. “Good.” replied Kiara.

Scenario Three: “Hi. How are you?” asked Jimmy. “Fine.” replied Curtrell.

This is a typical human transaction or greeting that I see repeated among our students time after time again, every single day, as a public school teacher.

What is wrong with these daily greetings? They seem typical enough, don’t they? And there doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary, right?

Exactly!!! They are typical, or ordinary greetings and exchanges of human communication and emotion at best. Nothing more. Nothing special. No trace of getting ahead. They’re just typical, and ordinary, or maybe even bordering on indifference or negativity.

You see most of us are getting the simple little things that we do everyday, all day, wrong!

We need to remember that emotion drives motion! In the greetings above there is no positive emotion present. Thus the students went into the interaction with the other student emotionally flat. And unknowingly their flat behavior was reinforced by both themselves and they’re friend. These habitual greetings are not going to help them go anywhere special in life.

Now they take that flat, typical, ordinary, or even indifferent and negative mood into their next activity, which could be English, Math, Science, or even History class, and their teachers now have to struggle to get these kids to move, take charge of their education, and look alive!

Is there any wonder now why some students tend to just sit there like bumps on the log while complaining that they’re bored…

People we need to wake up! Most of us are living our lives only half-awake! We need to change the little things we do in life everyday and spread smiles through practicing transformational vocabulary!

Let me show you what I mean. Let’s try those human interactions or greeting from above again.

Scenario One: “Good morning. How are you?” asked Billy.  AMAZING!” answered Mary.

Scenario Two: “Hello. How are you?’ asked Manny. “UNBELIEVABLE!.” replied Kiara.

Wait… Hold on… This is a two way street. The greeter also needs to be excited about life as well. Let’s look at the new and improved scenario three:

Scenario Three: “HAPPY MONDAY, CURTRELL! HOW ARE YOU TODAY?” asked Jimmy. “SMASHING!” replied Curtrell.

The above scenarios are not just words. They are transformational words! Practice these greetings or human exchanges starting now. They may feel a little awkward in the beginning. But after the repeated smiles that you’ll be putting on people’s faces, including your own, you’ll be more than rewarded for this new behavior. Once you consistently do this, you won’t want to ever stop.

In addition, the data shows that those who smile tend to succeed more in life. Through using transformational vocabulary you’re helping yourself succeed and everyone you greet succeed! This sounds pretty AMAZING, doesn’t it? Great! Now smile!

Now go to it! And I hope you have a MARVELOUS time doing it!!!

And finaly, please share how you plan to use transformational vocabulary.


Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard

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