Sometimes I Close My Eyes in order to See!

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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Sometimes my hectic life just runs away from me; days, and even sometimes weeks, can seem just like a blur to me.

However, once in a while I remember some of my Granddaddy’s Secrets of Success. The Secrets of Success that I am thinking about right now are visualizing and goal setting.

Through visualizing and goal setting, I can usually create my future in advance. I know this almost sounds crazy like magic or witch craft, or something mystical like that. But it works! I have found over the years when I really, really want something; I tend to think about it a lot.

In my mind’s eye I can see the prize and I can see me successfully doing what ever I have to do in order to obtain this prize. This visualization in my mind’s eye, not my physical  eye or my physical vision, but my mind’s eye usually leads me to the answers on how to obtain the worthy prize I seek.

The answers to obtain this large prize are almost always small steps. A.K.A. small goals…

Through visualizing in my mind’s eye and recognizing small goals that I need to set and achieve, I can usually put my feet solidly on to the path of success.

Once solidly planted on this path of success, all I need to do then is to just consistently take tiny steps forward and once in a while move to the side and go around any obstacles that may be impeding my progress.

Never giving up hope and never sitting still allows me to use the forces of visualization and small goal setting to create my future in advance. These actions move me forward to higher plateaus  where I can have a better vision of this world, and all the beauty and good things that are just waiting for me to set my sights on and grab!

Now, please share how you will close your eyes in order to see.


Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard

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