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Dan Blanchard, Teen Leadership

Dan Blanchard, Teen Leadership, The Storm
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Are you struggling? Good! I am too! We all struggle. It’s just the way life is. Believe it or not, it’s good for us to struggle a little bit. Unfortunately though, some of us struggle too much because no one has ever told us the secrets on how to succeed in life. Basically, we are all born without an operator’s manual. Could you imagine having a super computer without an operator’s manual? What a waste of potential power, right? Well, that same wasted power and missed opportunities is what is happening to us humans too because we are born without an instructor’s manual.

Most of us have not been told the secrets of how to optimize our true super-computer-like capabilities. Nor has anyone invested in us the amount of time necessary to help us truly understand the options we have in this great big world outside of the world we already know.

“What? We have other options?” you say. Yup. And they are different from the ones that we subconsciously reach for every day based upon our past conditioning, training, brain-washing, or whatever else you want to call it. A lot of well-meaning people in our lives have molded us into taking the safe, comfortable and familiar route. Don’t blame these good people for the way they raised you, or influenced you. They did what they thought was right to help you be happy and safe.Dan Blanchard, Teen Leadership, The Storm

Psss… guess what? I have a secret for you. There kind of is an operator’s manual out there already. It’s not a perfect manual, but overall it is a pretty decent set of instructions and knowledge. You ready for it? Here it is. It’s the free public library and the people that we come into contact every day.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use the secret of knowing you have other options.

Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard


Dan Blanchard Teen Leadership

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