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We learn by doing! Oh, that is so true! I can’t even think of how many times I have been overwhelmed and confused by someone trying to explain to me.

Many times in life I have thought that the task-at-hand was just too tough, too complicated, and too much for me. Yes, I have to admit it. Many times in my life I have acted like a chicken.

But before you laugh at me, I want you to reflect on your own life. How many times have you acted like a chicken? Come on… Be honest… You have, haven’t you?

Of course you have! We all have! Everyone of us has acted like chickens a lot more then we really want to admit. And you know what? It’s okay. If we didn’t act like chickens sometimes, then we wouldn’t be human.

So I’m giving you permission to feel good about yourself for all of those times that you acted like a chicken. In addition, I’m giving you permission to still feel good about yourself for all the times in the future when you’re going to act like a chicken. Go ahead… Start feeling good about yourself…

You’re going to need this good feeling about yourself if you’re going to be able to follow my next piece of advice. Ready? Feeling Good? Okay, here we go… Now be strong and confront when that huge, scary, and over-whelming task is trying to scare you, and just do it anyway.

Doing it anyway is when you learn the most! Don’t worry if you screw it up at first. Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing lousy at first. So go ahead and now give yourself permission to do it lousy at first just like when you first learned to walk and when you first learned to ride a bike.

If you follow these secrets of success, I think you’ll be surprised at how much you learn by just doing it anyway. Soon you’ll find yourself confident and competent in your new skill set, or even new job. Soon, you’ll be easily doing it and without thinking about it too much just like when you’re walking or riding a bike.

Once in a while when you do think about your new skill set, or new job, you’ll chuckle as you remember how hard it once had seemed when someone was trying to verbally explain it to you. You’ll pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for having the courage to just do it anyway.

Please do share with the rest of us how you’re going to use this secret of success that We Learn By Doing.


Thanks for your time,


Daniel Blanchard

Author of the Granddaddy’s Secrets series

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