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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Most people will think you’re successful just because you got lucky. Don’t let that stop you! Success makes you happy! Don’t worry about other people’s jealousy or what they might say about you. In the end, none of their chatter matters anyway.

I can remember my Granddaddy telling me, “When you’re a twenty you feel like everyone is watching you. By the time you’re forty you don’t care if people are watching you. And by the time you’re sixty you finally realize that no one was watching!”

These words of wisdom from Granddaddy struck me like lightening! If we let the false fear of what others might be thinking stop us from achieving greatness, then we’re making a huge mistake! And once again, it’s solely ourselves that are holding ourselves back!

Once you succeed it’s kind of funny how they think you were just lucky. These nay Sayers don’t know how hard you worked to prepare yourself for opportunities that may come your way. These nay Sayers don’t know that your definition of lucky is much different than theirs. They think luck is when you’re given something. You know differently, and this has made the difference between you and the less lucky ones.

Your definition of “luck” is hard work and preparation meeting opportunity. Thus, by that definition alone you are “luckier” than most people who just aren’t as prepared as you and who don’t truly understand what “luck” really is!

Now in regards to the unlucky ones’ meaningless chatter, my Granddaddy once told me to always soar high above it all like the eagles! Fulfilling our true potential and being successful will make us happy! Listening to their meaningless chatter about how you were just lucky, is flying low with the hawks. It is a waste of our time and it drains the energy and enthusiasm of our creative genius. So don’t do it!

Now, please share with us how you plan to laugh it off when someone says that you were just lucky…


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