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Most people I know, including myself, struggle with this “Why” and “How” thing… But this “Why” and “How” thing is really simpler than a lot of us tend to make it. Notice I said simpler and not easier… This won’t be easy, but you can do it!

Let me explain. You see, we all want to succeed, be proud, and be happy. But usually to achieve these measures of success we usually have to try something bigger than what we are presently doing. Or at minimum, at least try something new or different from what we are presently doing. It’s really quite simple. If we want different results, then we have to do something different.

And you know what usually happens when we think about trying something new… If we’re human, trying something new usually leads to some level of discomfort. By trying something new or doing something different we are stretching our comfort zone and brushing up against our outer limits. This brushing usually doesn’t feel too good.

However, if we want to reach our goal, we must strive and stretch for bigger and better things regardless of the discomfort of the unfamiliarity and the fear of the unknown.

This is where most of us get bogged down. Sometimes we just feel so overwhelmed when trying something new or different. Sometimes we just can’t physically see, nor imagine ‘how’ we are going to achieve our new goals. Sometimes we get scared.

At this point, our frustrations and fear usually cause us to revert back to what we know and what we are comfortable with- our old behaviors. Next we tend to make excuses for ourselves like I didn’t really want to do that anyways, or That was just too hard.

These excuses above are just excuses. And reverting back to our old behaviors is just human psychology. And you know what? We can beat both of these things if our “WHY” is big enough.

Hold on, I’m already hearing all of you singing in unison, “how?” Stop right there. That’s the secret. You don’t have to know “how”. If the “WHY” is big enough then the “how” will take care of itself.

If we were to study any successful person and ask him or her if they knew “how” they were going to achieve all of this fortune and fame they have today; everyone of them would answer that they had no idea “how” they were going to do it. They just knew that they had to do it.

These successful people’s “WHY” was bigger than their “how”. Figure out “WHY” you have to do something and the smaller “how” will some how magically take care of itself. If our “WHY” is always bigger than our smaller “how” then we will always find a way to succeed!

Trust me. Figure out “WHY” and go ahead and get started!!!

Now, please share when you do figure out your WHY and how.


Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard

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