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Why ask why sure does sound philosophical, doesn’t it? And maybe it is…

I say this because many times it’s our philosophy that determines how far we will get in life…

You see most of us have the philosophy or beliefs of, “I wish I could do this, but I just don’t know how.”

The majority of us seem to focus on the ‘how’. And if you do what the majority of people do, then you will get what the majority of people get. And I have a funny feeling that you deserve more than that, and want more than that, don’t you?

When you look around this world and notice the achievers, you’ll notice that there is something different about them. You may not be able to articulate what it is, but you know there is definitely something different about them. Usually being unable to verbalize what that difference is, most of us tend to take the easy way out, and just write it off as some people are just luckier than the rest of us…

Don’t be lazy! What is it that the one-percent do that is different than the rest of us? They don’t ask how. They ask why!

High achievers’ philosophy is different than the rest of us. When we wish we were doing something different we tend to feel overwhelmed and ask how will we do anything different. The answer usually doesn’t appear, and thus we just give up and go back to the same old boring routine. High achievers don’t ask how because they know the answer most likely won’t appear to them either. So their philosophy is to ask “Why” instead of “How”.

Once they have their “Why” figured out, usually the “How” somehow takes care of itself. Just like us ordinary people, the high achievers can’t clearly see all the answers to the “How”. But they are still willing to embark on the journey anyways.

It’s sort of like when you want to drive your car during the night on a long road trip. Your headlights won’t be able to light up the entire way to your destination, but they can light up the first 300-feet if you’re willing to live with a little uncertainty, and move ahead in the dark just a little bit anyways.

Once you’ve reached the outer limit of the 300-feet that your car’s headlights lit up, an interesting thing happens. Your car’s headlights have just illuminated the next 300-feet, and you can now clearly see the way to the next step in your long journey to greatness.

This cycle of enlightenment will repeat over and over, if you just have the faith to move forward even though you can’t clearly see all the answers, or all the way to your new destination. Couple this with the wisdom to ask, “Why” instead of, “How” and you’ll be destined to travel the same road to greatness and success that the high achievers do! Enjoy the journey, my friend!

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