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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

Now I’m sure that you’ve either skipped flat small rocks in a pond or have at least seen someone skip rocks in a large body of water like a pond or an ocean. But, have you ever personally thrown a little pebble into a large pond?

If you have thrown a tiny pebble into a big pond; I’m guessing that no one really noticed it except you. I mean, after all, how big of a splash can a tiny pebble really make when you throw it into a large pond?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve done this pebble and pond thing or not. And if you have, I don’t know if anyone noticed the splash or not. Heck, I’m not even sure if you noticed it or not. I’m guess the answer could be a “No” to all three of these situations above.

However, before you dismiss this “Non-Event” of a small pebble in a large pond, let me ask you this. Do you have patience? If you do have patience, then now you’re ready for the magical formula of success through the pebble in a pond…

Next time you’re around a pond I want you to have the patience to wait until the surface of the water is calm. When the pond water finally looks like a reflection of the trees and sky that surrounds it; I want you to find a pebble and chuck it as far as you can into the pond.

You ready for what’s next? Okay. Here goes… Wait. That’s right. Wait. Have patience and wait. Soon you will see a small ring forming around the area of the splash where the small pebble went into the large pond. The ring will probably be barely visible at first.

But have patience and wait anyway. You’ll slowly see those rings gradually building into something BIG! If you have enough patience to wait even longer you’ll see these rings get BIG enough and travel far enough to reach all the shores that surround that pond.

This little pebble, and this little pebble splash, as well as the first initial little rings that all seemed to small for anyone to notice represents your daily little efforts to improve yourself in this large world. Chances are no one will notice the rings or your efforts.

The HUGE rings reaching the beaches of all the shores represents what you’re future could hold if you have patience and realize that small things can and do turn into HUGE things. Some people will now notice your BIG accomplishments and some people won’t notice your BIG accomplishments either. However, just like those BIG rings hitting the shores, your BIG accomplishments are as real and as sure as those rings from the pebble.

So go ahead and shoot away at your targets! And don’t be afraid to occasionally throw pebbles at them, especially if that’s all that you have at the moment.

Now, please share with the rest of us how you plan to use the success secret of a Pebble In The Pond to improve your life.


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Daniel Blanchard

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