Book Marketing For Authors Blog 96- Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor


All professional athletes have coaches and mentors. Most movers and shakers have had coaches and mentors, too. Just because we’re all grown up now, my self-publishing indie authors, it doesn’t mean we’re too old for some expert guidance. So be wise, and seek some.

What is the difference between a coach and a mentor? Well, in most cases, as a fully grown authorpreneur who is no longer a kid, but an adult, we’ll going to have to pay a coach for their services.

I know to some that sounds weird. We didn’t have to pay our coaches in high school. But guess what? We’re not in high school anymore. Now we’re in the school of hard knocks, and we’re going to pay one way or another.

However, seeking a mentor will probably be a lot cheaper than looking for a coach. Coaches can be expensive, mentors usually aren’t. Heck, many times, mentors will even mentor us for free. What’s better than that, my authorpreneurs? We like free, don’t we? And we love learning new things for free, too, especially if it will help our business.

So, how do we find these mentors? To begin, if we are still working for someone, our boss can be a mentor, believe it or not. If they know what they are talking about, as long as we have thick skin and can handle their criticism, we can learn from them.

Hey, I’ve always said to learn from whomever you can whenever you can. So, why not include our bosses as one of our mentors instead of trying to stay off of their radar? Get on their radar and learn from them.

Everybody loves free workers. So, if you have the time, offer to do a free internship for a movers and shakers. Who is going to turn down a free worker? And while you’re there, you’ll learn a ton. This is a great place that most people don’t think of in seeking a mentor. And if they do consider it, most people have too many bills and not enough time to do it. So, if you are still young, keep your options open by not running up your bills. Maybe at some point, you’ll find an internship you really want to do.

Seek out different proof-readers that you don’t have to pay for each one of your books, articles, blogs, columns, and anything else you’re working on. Make sure they are different people so you’re not overwhelming them, and you’re building your network. Some could even become mentors to you.

I have a bunch of proof-readers. They come and go all the time as I’m always doing new projects. I appreciate the time I spend with every one of them. During this time, we strengthen our relationships and friendships. They like it because they feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. And I learn stuff from every one of them. Many times I can also gain access to their network. And I get all of these benefits for free. Although, I do occasionally meet them out for a cup of coffee, which I happily pay for.

This type of mentoring through our proof-readers is economically feasible for all of us. A cup of coffee once in a while, and we have a team of mentors helping us out while they are also proof-reading our writing and occasionally introducing us to their friends.  This is another one of those win-wins, don’t you agree?

Did you know that the word “Feedback” is a code word for mentoring? Yes, it is. So, always ask for feedback. Heck, seek it out with vigor from people who you admire.

Here’s the funny thing, though. If you ask these same people to mentor you, there is a good chance they will think that they don’t have time, or just wouldn’t know what to do. However, when you change the conversation to asking them for some feedback. Our human brains switch to how that shouldn’t take long, and I’ll probably have at least one thing I can add for feedback.

This is the first small step of feedback that could turn into the giant action of having a mentor who we admire that will expand our thinking and ability to do.

Also, exchange value with others who are on your level as an authorpreneur. There are always things that they know that we don’t. And vice versa, there is always something we can help them with. So, let’s barter. Let’s exchange or swap services. Let’s help each other overcome our weaknesses. Basically, mentor each other. It won’t cost either of us anything but a little time. We’ll tap into the power of synergy and with the rising tide, both of your boats will rise. If this isn’t another one of those win-wins, my authorpreneurs, then I don’t know what is…

Mentors speed up our learning curve and help us become profitable sooner. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get out there and find some mentors!

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