Book Marketing For Authors Blog 97- Meeting Big-Time People

Meeting Big-Time People


Smile and say, “Hi,” my self-publishing indie authors. Yup. Smiling and saying “Hi” will open up many doors or at least help start a lot of conversations. And if you think your path might have just crossed with a big-time influencer, do what you always do; smile and say “Hi.”

If this person is a big-time influencer, they may view you differently because you didn’t get all weird or hide from them. Instead, you approached them like a normal person. Also, if they aren’t who you thought they were, no big deal either. You’ll have a conversation with another person. When you’re done, hand them a business card, and who knows what could come of it. It certainly can’t do any harm, right?

So, if you want your path to cross the paths of big-time people more often, you need to be more proactive. These chance meetings just aren’t going to happen by chance often. Instead, you need to find out where these mini-celebrities hang out and go plant yourself there.

For example, if someone you really admire is having a book signing in your area, go to the book signing. Buy their book. Get them to sign it. While they’re signing it, don’t act all googley-eyed, but instead, act like a regular Joe or Joan and talk to them as if they were just an ordinary person too. Give them your business card and follow up later on your computer. Develop that relationship slowly and consistently over time.

A lot of successful people go to conferences. So, guess where we should be going too? That’s right. From now on, we’re going to go to at least a couple of conferences a year.

Many successful people also belong to associations, non-profits, attend charities, and go to church. Guess where you, too, could begin spending more of your time? You got it, my friend…

Hey, this is all part of deliberate networking, right, my authorpreneurs?

Here’s a pretty cool way to meet influencers in your niche. Start a blog, a podcast, or an internet television show. Then ask some big-time people to be your guests. Most will say yes because it gives them added exposure so more people in the world can hear and see the good they are doing.

This last one takes a little more work to accomplish, but it’s worth it. You now have a platform to use to get to know influencers. If you don’t think you can do this on your own, then team up with someone else who also wants to meet big-time people and is willing to give first and get second.

Another way to get their attention and hopefully develop relationships with the mini-celebrities in your niche is to “Like” and comment on their social media posts. You can also do an Amazon book review for them. Even better, do a video book review for them. Also, do a YouTube testimonial for them. That will surely get their attention and begin the process of putting you in their friend circle.

However, none of these things on aligning your path to the path of big-time people is going to happen if you don’t conquer your fear first. We have to be confident. As a matter of fact, we all should be courageous. I still remember a magazine article I read a long time ago about the top ten people in the world. Every one of them said that if they had to do it all over again, they’d be braver and bolder sooner in their lives.

Guess what? We can do that too, can’t we? Be braver! Be bolder!

Also, believe it or not, semi-famous and even famous people do eventually get tired of star-struck people. Don’t be one of those star-struck people. Many celebrities are starving for just a normal conversation with an honest down to earth type of guy or gal. Fulfill that need for them by talking to them like an old friend when you finally do get to meet them. Your influencer will view you differently and probably think you’re a breath of fresh air. This could set the table for a relationship among equals to follow.

Finally, tap into your network and have patience. It’s amazing how much power a friend of a friend has. Tap into your network and slowly get them to introduce you to important people in your field. Go in with the mindset of how you can help them first. And if you’re persistent and patient, some of them will actually become your friends.

It took me two years to get to the point where I was having a phone conversation with Dan Gable, the 1972 Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist and Athlete of the Century. I had met him two years earlier through a friend of a friend. I did for him first by being one of his proofreaders for his book, which later became a New York Times Bestseller. Then, he endorsed a few of my books and even wrote the Foreword for one of them. But this took a long time to happen.

The point I’m trying to make is that I met him through a friend of a friend, did for him first, and had patience. Over those two years, I had, and still have, a Google Alert on him. So, when some really cool news comes up on him, I send it to him with a little note of something like, “Hey, Dan. Maybe you’ve already seen this, but just in case you haven’t, I thought you might like this article I just read about you.

I’ve used this same process on several other big-time names as well. And if I can do it, so can you!

So get out there right now and engage in behaviors that will help you meet big-time people.

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