Book Marketing For Authors Blog 98- Rapid-Fire Book Production

Rapid-Fire Book Production


Times have changed my self-publishing indie authors. We authorpreneurs know that the old days of putting out one book every two years in no longer a good business model for our authorpreneurship business. Hey, I get it. It used to take me two years to write a book, too, when I became an author. Eventually, it sped it up, and I was able to publish a book a year. But, not anymore. I laugh now when I think that I was only putting out a book a year, and I used to believe that it was pretty good.

Our writing these days is like a runaway train. There is just no stopping it. We’re always writing. Every single day we write. We’re continually filling that content bucket, so it’s always overflowing. We don’t pause when our book is out of the writing phase and in the publishing phase. Instead, we’re already writing our next book or even next few books.

I’m always working on at least three books at the same time. I never get stuck twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone else to do their part because I still have something else to do for another book.

Also, if we authorpreneurs are going to learn the rapid-fire book production process, we have to pay attention to all our content in all mediums. We need to consistently wonder how we can repurpose content we already have and tweak it into another informational product or even book.

For example, while writing my books, I’m also usually writing a blog on something else. Well, guess what? There have been many times when I’ve revisited one of my blogs and repurposed the content by making the necessary tweaks to create a book out of it. This is an awesome short-cut because I don’t have to start from scratch. There is already a lot of content just sitting right there in my blog that I could use for a book.

Do you have a blog? Do you have a podcast? How about an internet television show? Do you have a YouTube channel? What about Vlogs? Do you have some speeches?  What about media interviews? If you are using or participating in any of these above, can you repurpose your content into a book? There is a lot of material there. You need to consider how you can best use it…

My authorpreneurs, this new era of rapid-fire book production, is perfect for book series and eBooks.

For example, a buddy of mine had written a 450-page book that he was about to publish when I had him put on the brakes. It took him a few years to write it, so he was very eager to finally release it. But I wouldn’t let him.

At first, he was frustrated. But then he saw the genius of what I shared with him next.

I told him that he already had two big books out there published. Why not go a different route with this one. Instead of publishing another 450-page book, he should break it down to three books of 150-pages. That way, he already has the content written for a book a year for the next three years to come out. This will keep his name in front of people and help him tap into the power of a series.

Next, I told him that he could even think bolder and put all that content that he has already written out as 90-page eBooks instead. If he followed this path, he could put out a five-book series. That would allow him to put out a book every six months for the next 2 ½ years. He would look like a prolific author if he followed this path. And during those next two and a half years, he could easily produce more content to extend this series or have another series ready and waiting.

We authorpreneurs already know that this isn’t cheating, it’s just the new business model that is out there now. People don’t read as much as they used to. And they like shorter books now because their attention span is shorter now. People also don’t want to pay a lot of money anymore for books either. They love rapid-fire book production because they love binging on their entertainment and informational needs, thanks to Netflix. Putting out smaller eBooks more often checks all of these boxes. And it’s the new modern-day business strategy of us authorpreneurs. More products, quicker, means more income streams sooner, right?

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