Book Marketing For Authors Blog 99- Using LinkedIn to Build Your Connections and Get Customers

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Connections and Get Customers


LinkedIn is a pretty cool place for us self-publishing indie authors because the people on LinkedIn are professionals who actually have some money. They’re not teeny bobs chewing gum, with a lot to say, but nothing to back it up. LinkedIn is different from other social media sites because it has professionals looking for other professionals to fulfill whatever needs they have. And they realize that spending money on a solution is part of the adult, grown-up game.

When you’re on LinkedIn, you can see who people are. Easily visible is where they work, what their job title is, and what they do. It takes a lot of the guessing out of the equation. It helps a lot when searching for people within our niche who are exactly the ones we are looking for. Even better, many of them are also looking for us. And this is the magic of LinkedIn.

So get on LinkedIn right now and spend some time expanding your connections. The more people we are connected with, the better, right authorpreneurs?

While connecting with a whole bunch of other professionals in our field, don’t forget about the LION, okay? After all, we all want the LION’s share, don’t we?

Okay, you’re probably wondering now what the LION is. Well, these are LinkedIn super influencers. They are LinkedIn Open Network (LION) connections. These people have 30,000 + connections. You’ll see them on LinkedIn in all capital letters as LION. Try to connect with a few of these people so you can drastically expand the potential of your network and who can see what you’re doing on LinkedIn.

Connect your blog to LinkedIn. And write some articles for LinkedIn as well. Post what you’re doing daily. Or as often as you can. Trust me, lots of people are watching you that are not saying anything yet. They’re just sitting back and waiting to see what you’re going to do next. And when the timing is right, they’ll reach out to you.

So, don’t get frustrated when nothing seems to be happening. Operate on faith if you have to. And then try to remember all those connections you have and how a lot of their connections can also see what you’re doing. And if you have a couple of LIONs that you’re connected with, we’re now talking over 100, 000 people who can see what you’re doing.

Sooner or later, someone is going to reach out to you and let you know that they’ve been watching you for the last six months. They’re also going to tell you how they believe you are exactly what they have been looking for. Trust me, this happens a lot on LinkedIn.

My mind wanders back for a moment to a time when I got a phone call out of the blue from a group of people from LinkedIn. They admitted that they liked what I did so much that they felt like they have been practically stalking me for the last year. They invited me to come to speak to their people. And they paid me a bunch of money, took care of all of my travel expenses, and bought a bunch of books too.

What do you think, my athorpreneurs? Are you ready to get away for a long weekend with your spouse, all expenses paid, a big fat speaking fee, and a whole bunch of your books selling too? If you’re working it the right way on LinkedIn, this is more than just a dream. This is a reality for many of us.

LinkedIn does a lot of nice things to help us connect with people. For example, just about every week, LinkedIn sends us a message of all the people who viewed our profile. This is awesome because these are the people who have already shown some interest in us. They’re warm leads.

Every week I get one of these communications from LinkedIn, and there is something like 1500 people every week that have viewed my profile. So I click on some of their names and ask them if they want to connect. What could be easier to connect with other professionals who are already at least a little interested in what we do?

Another great way to connect with the right kind of people on LinkedIn is to find influencers in your market and then look at who their connections are. The work is already done for you. There could be hundreds, if not thousands of people in your niche that are already connected to an influencer in your field. Just reach out to them and ask them if they want to connect with you too. Some will, and then you’ll have more connections with the right kind of people who will help you grow your authorpreneurship business.

Some other great things about LinkedIn is that our connections’ email addresses are right there. We can easily build our email list through our LinkedIn connections with a very targeted audience. We can also call them, too. Their phone numbers are right there! Isn’t that great?

We can build a relationship with the right kind of people on LinkedIn, and then we can further develop it through email and a phone call. This all adds up to a much stronger relationship with people in our niche who are looking to do some business with people like us.

Isn’t that awesome?

It sure it!

Now go get on LinkedIn and build your connections with the right kind of people.


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