Dan’s Interview with Childhood Survivor Pamela Elaine Lockridge!

 Although Pamela is an author, like myself, I have never interviewed anyone quite like Pamela for my blog. Pamela is a childhood survivor and now an adult thriver. What she had to overcome as just a little girl is something that no child should ever have to face. But she did have to face it, and eventually, she beat it by leading herself and her younger siblings out of that nightmare and into a better adulthood where they are now the one in charge of their lives. Pamela shares her story here to bring an awareness, and in the hopes that somehow here terrifying story can help someone
else. I must warn you though, Pamela’s story of survival and leadership will not be easy on you.
Dan: Hello Pamela. Welcome. How are you? You have a pretty powerful story to tell us.
Pamela: Hello Dan. My full author name is Pamela Elaine Lockridge. I have written my tell-all story of surviving 14 years of child sexual abuse by my mother’s second husband—from the age of 4-18. My mother knew he was a pedophile when she married him. My mother pimped me to him in order to be free to live her life as if she was single. I used to have to perform oral sex on him for me and my sisters to have lunch money.
Dan: Pamela, I’m so sorry for what you had to go through as just a little girl. It sounds like you have been through quite a journey to get here. Would you talk about what you believe is important for my readers to know?
Pamela: I will tell part of my story but first I want to give the reasons I wrote my book. First, it has been very therapeutic for me to find a way to compartmentalize and break into segments what happened to me. Second, in order to do this, I had to earn a Masters degree in Social Work which taught theories. Third, I had to find the theory that fit the loss of my sexual innocence. Fourth, when I found the theory, I discovered who expounded on the theory and I used her proposed stages of loss and added my own stages to create a brand new therapy that brought me closure and healing. I am hopeful that this therapy and its multidisciplinary team approach will fast track victims to become strong advocates should they choose to use it. Finally, I am sharing my survivor story to wake up Americans who are apathetic to this issue, for the sake of our innocent children.
Dan: Since the completion of your book, how has your mental health been presently in comparison to before you wrote your book?
Pamela: Well, there is a surprise event that happened—and it is in the book—concerning my abuser, 50 years after the fact. My abuser confessed to the police without having been charged. It opened up a civil case for me to bring against him. Readers must buy my book to see how that ends. It certainly showed me that waiting on the Lord to handle things for you—no matter how long you have to wait—makes a world of difference. It was hard at times but my legal team was great and I learned how funny God can be! When the case ended I felt complete vindication and the closure I never thought possible. I give all the glory to God my Creator. I am totally healed mentally and function today with a sound mind and restored sexual purity. It is phenomenally amazing how much life has changed! I share it all in my book.
Dan: Please share how to get your book.
Pamela: The book is called I Was a Whore at Four: the redemptive story of a child sex slave. And it’s on Amazon and is an eBook on Smashwords (eBook, when purchased on Smashwords, can be converted to Kindle pdf)
People can also buy directly from me by mailing Money Order for
$22.66 to:
Pamela Elaine Lockridge
PO Box 165
Robeline, Louisiana 71469
Pamela: Thank you, Dan, for allowing me to share part of my story. We must raise a flood of advocates to speak out so predators are put on notice!
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