DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #17

Dear Granddaddy, my teen son is not a big fan of reading. Maria G. – A concerned mom.

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To be honest with you, Maria, when I was your son’s age, I wasn’t a big fan of reading either. Now I have a pretty smart son around the same age as your son, and he, too, is not a big fan of reading either. I don’t mean to discount your concerns about your son not reading as much as you believe he should be doing. Heck, I sometimes wonder why my boy isn’t reading more, too.

I think this low interest in reading might be one of those young boy things. I did it as a boy. My son and your son are doing it, too. But guess what? I eventually turned out okay and I’m an avid reader now. And I’m pretty sure our sons are going to be okay, too. They might even become avid readers themselves too once they mature a little more and zero in on what their likes and interests are. I often see this happen.

You see, Maria, in regards to all the young male reluctant readers out there, I don’t truly believe that they don’t like to read. Rather, I think that they haven’t found the right reading material yet. Once they find information they like, they will read voraciously and their reading abilities and stamina will steadily climb. Subsequently, their new found love of reading and their increased reading skills will enhance other areas of their lives, like school and career.

So please don’t think that your son’s lack of desire to read at this time is a problem, Maria. Coming late to the reading game is common among young males. Just keep your eyes and ears open for things that might interest your son, and then try to have some reading materials on that topic available for him. Hopefully, this will spark, ignite, and set free that inner reading bug that your son has been holding captive inside of himself. Don’t worry, he’s going to be fine. All good things take time.

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