DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #36

Dear Granddaddy, I want to thank you teachers for all that you do. Every summer when I have my kids full-time I’m reminded of how difficult your jobs are. Maria E. – Parent

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You’re very welcome, Maria, and thank you! I know the full-time summer parenting duties are challenging, but as I was driving down the road today, I heard a song on the radio that I feel is relevant right now. It kept repeating, “I wish I had known that these really were the good old days.”

So true, isn’t it? We all get caught up in our professions and our parenting responsibilities, and our heads spin. Too often, we find ourselves looking back to a calmer past, or even forward to our future, when the kids are grown and times are less hectic.

As a parent and teacher, I do the same yearning for simpler times that we all do, and I should know better. But, hey, what can I say? It’s just human nature, especially for teachers, who have thirty students in every class they teach, each one with different needs and constantly demanding their attention. It’s enough to make any teacher want to pull out their hair and go home early for a permanent lunch.

By the time my students graduate from high school, however, I notice something a little different about them. And when they come back to visit years later, I absolutely see a difference. I beam ear to ear with pride in the person each one has become. Together, we always laugh about the good old days, and I’m once again reminded that the days when they are young are indeed the good old days. I take delight in knowing that I was there to help mold them into the fine adults they have become.

So in closing, Maria, thanks again for reaching out to thank us educators. Enjoy your kids this summer because it will go by really fast, and someday you’ll look back and laugh, knowing what you have gone through and what you have accomplished in these good old days.

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