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Rush! Rush! Rush! We’re always in a rush to get more! But why do we always seem to want more? We want more so we’ll feel more security and love. But ultimately, we want more because we think it will make us happier.

Here is a great idea. What if we all stopped running around like crazy people and instead paused and just smiled?

Do you see where I’m going with this? I believe most of us have it backwards. We’re trying to get more, so that that we’ll feel more… But, what if we just skipped all of the unnecessary steps and went straight to just smiling instead?

It can be done! Don’t believe me? Try this exercise if you dare! Jump up and down and shake your body like you just don’t care! Now hold your shoulders back, look up and put a BIG GOOFY grin on your face. Don’t worry about looking silly. No one is watching. Just do it.

What is happening? You’re smiling. You’re happy. And you feel better than you did just a few moments ago. It’s true. We already have enough. We don’t need more. We just think we do…

Now that you’re happy, you’ll finally be able to focus on someone else beside yourself for a change. You see you can’t focus on others well-being if you’re sad and withdrawn.

A beautiful thing about this focusing on others instead of yourself is that it will automatically bring you even more happiness. Thus, focusing on others strengthens your smile and reinforces the concept that we already have enough. Pause again… Think about this concept for a moment. Think about how powerful this information is that I just shared with you! Can you feel the goose bumps when I say that focusing on others strengthens your smile and reinforces the concept that we already have enough?

I know life is not easy, but sometimes it is simple. Just smile and help others.

Now, please share how you plan to use the success secret of We Already Have Enough.


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Daniel Blanchard

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