BOOK BORROWINGS- What to Say When You Talk to Your Self!

Borrow this book if you have to! Borrow the information inside of the book if you are smart! And make it yours if you are wise!          As much as 77% of what we say to ourselves may be working against us. And you know what’s even crazier than all of this […]

Striving to Be Better Will Make Us Happier!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the thing that you think you cannot do.” Her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) the 32nd President of the United States of America said, “Above all try something.” So, what do these quotes, or words of wisdom, from one of America’s most famous […]

Dan Blanchard’s Blog Interview of Howard Daniel!

 Howard Daniel received a Division I athletic scholarship for football from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After college Howard become a Sunday School Teacher and minister. Eventually, he moved to East Hartford, Connecticut to work at Pratt and Whitney. Howard is now a father of five and author of two books with a third in […]

Break the Cycle!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! We can break the cycle. We can be that big strong oak in our family tree that everyone looks up to. We can be the one who changed it all for the better. We can be our present family and future family’s hero! But, first, here is the challenging part: […]

Success Comes From The Inside!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Success is something we feel on the inside when we think about our contributions to society. Success does not come from other people, titles, or a reputation. We can have all of these things and still feel like something is missing. In short, sometimes we feel unhappy regardless of what […]

I Don’t Have Time to Die!

           A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! I don’t have time to die is a pretty arrogant statement. But think about how awesome it would be to have that much purpose in our lives, and to truly believe that even a very full and long life is not enough time to get done all the good things […]

Life is About the Little Things!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Toss a tiny pebble in a calm mirror-like lake on a beautiful summer’s day and watch what happens. That tiny pebble that you just tossed a short distance landed in the calm picturesque lake without much of a splash and barely made a sound. Most likely, nobody notice this apparently […]

Fly Your Butterflies In A Wedge Formation!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Have you ever had an uneasy feeling in your stomach? I know I have. As a matter of fact, I have had it a bunch of times. And I imagine since I am a human being and so are you that you probably have also had this very human experiences […]

A Little Nervous Energy is A Good Thing!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Distress, eustress, we stress. Hey, what can I say we all feel stress? And sometimes that is good, and sometimes not so good. Well, good or not, I want to stress with you that the word stress has gotten a bad rap. Wouldn’t you agree that most of us are […]

It’s Okay to Get Your Hands Dirty!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! I can remember a few times in my life when somehow the world stopped spinning for just a moment. What caused this rare moment? Surprisingly, my dirty hands. During these occasional stand-still moments I became lost in in my thoughts while staring at my dirty hands. This would sometimes happen […]