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Most of us go through life ENDURING it… From this moment forward I challenge you to ENJOY it…

Have you ever heard people say, “Oh, I have to go to school now.” Or maybe you’ve heard them say, “Oh, I have to go to work now.” Or maybe you’ve even heard them say, “Oh, I have to go to practice now.”

You all know what I’m talking about… Every one of us has heard people moan, groan and complain about all the stuff we HAVE TO DO! Maybe you’re even one of these complainers. I know sometimes I have been.

Life is, what it is… There is always going to be a million things to do and not enough time to do it. But from this point forward, I want to remind you that you don’t HAVE TO DO anything. From now on you GET TO DO!!!

That’s right, life is a mind set. Some people will always HAVE TO DO IT. And some people will GET TO DO IT! Make sure you’re one of the people that GET TO DO IT!

The reason why you GET TO GO to school rather than HAVE TO GO to school is because you’re lucky enough to live in a country where school is valued and provided to you!

The reason why you GET TO GO to work instead of HAVE TO GO to work is because you’re one of the lucky people that have a job!

The reason why you GET TO GO to practice instead of HAVE TO GO to practice is because you’re one of the few lucky ones that live in a place that supply the expertise and delivery of instruction on that one special thing you want to learn more about.

I leave you with a last thought, I now GET TO finish writing this article, and I can’t wait to see what I GET TO next because I no longer ENDURE life, but rather now I ENJOY life!

Now, please share how you plan to use the success secret of Enduring to Enjoying.


Thanks for your time,


Daniel Blanchard

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