Fly Your Butterflies In A Wedge Formation!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Have you ever had an uneasy feeling in your stomach? I know I have. As a matter of fact, I have had it a bunch of times. And I imagine since I am a human being and so are you that you probably have also had this very human experiences […]

Stretch A Little Bit Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Stretch… Stretch… A little bit further… Hold it a bit longer… Come on… Ah… Okay, relax. How do you feel now? Well, if you are like most normal people then you probably don’t love stretching, but you probably loved the feeling of having stretched. Let me explain. You see, an […]

Show Somebody Something!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog!   When asked about becoming a successful leader it usually goes back to the age old question of, “Is it nature or nurture?” I believe the answer comes down to both. In regards to nurture, Einstein believed that it was very difficult for any of us to get beyond the […]

Think About Your Thinking!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Watch this video on Metacognition: Our amazing brains are connected to a vast network called our nervous system. This system carries millions of impulses or neurons that are firing off all at once, and are capable of making an infinite amount of connections. The quality of circuitry in our brain […]

Do What You’re Supposed to Do!

A Teen Leadership Blog! Watch Dan’s Vlog: It’s the bottom of the 9th. Bases are loaded. Two outs. Up by one, and the pitcher looks worn out. The manager signals the bullpen. The door swings opens and a pitcher trots out towards the mound to the chant of, “Here comes old reliable.” We know exactly […]

We Are All Already Rich!

A Teen Leadership Blog! Watch Dan’s Vlog: We don’t have to check our piggy banks to know that we are already wealthy. Sadly, though, many of us have trouble understanding this reality because the numbers in some of our piggy banks don’t seem to add up to the true richness in our lives. Let’s not […]

Study Success!

A Teen Leadership Blog! Watch Dan’s Vlog: We wouldn’t leave our summer vacation get-away to chance, would we? Nobody ever leaves their home one summer morning, hops into their car, and says, “Okay. Let’s go on vacation.” without at least planning where to go, right? It just makes sense to be informed about our vacation […]

Granddaddy Chose A Successful Lifestyle!

A Teen Leadership Blog! Watch Dan’s Vlog: I’m sure everyone has heard of that old saying that the early bird gets the worm, right? It sounds simple enough… Get up early and we will get whatever we want, right? Well, the early bird thing might not be that simple… In thinking about this, here is […]

It’s Our Daily Habits Not Our Outer Circumstances!

A Teen Leadership Blog! Watch Dan’s Vlog: Our daily habits are those little things that we do every day without much thought. Our outer circumstances are those things that surround us every day that we are thinking too much about. Sadly, most of us can’t stop thinking about how our outer circumstances are holding us […]

Challenge the Written Word!

A Teen Leadership Blog! Watch Dan’s Vlog: Just because something is written down, it doesn’t mean that it is true. Nor does it mean it is relevant to each of our own unique needs. It took me many years of reading before I realized that I wasn’t just reading. But, what I was really doing […]