BOOK BORROWINGS- What to Say When You Talk to Your Self!

Borrow this book if you have to! Borrow the information inside of the book if you are smart! And make it yours if you are wise!          As much as 77% of what we say to ourselves may be working against us. And you know what’s even crazier than all of this […]

Dan Blanchard’s Blog Interview of Dr. Jason Carthen!

 Dr. Jason Carthen knows versatility. He knows heart, he knows teamwork and he is the embodiment of passion. Known as The Leadership Linebacker™ he is a former professional football player with the New England Patriots, and a highly sought-after speaker in the areas of Leadership, Sales and identifying your purpose in life. Dr. Carthen formed […]

Striving to Be Better Will Make Us Happier!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the thing that you think you cannot do.” Her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) the 32nd President of the United States of America said, “Above all try something.” So, what do these quotes, or words of wisdom, from one of America’s most famous […]

BOOK BORROWINGS- The Roaring 2000s by Harry Dent

  Borrow this book if you have to! Borrow the information inside of the book if you are smart! And make it yours if you are wise! According to futurist, author and speaker Harry Dent, our information revolution cycles through about every 500 years. Five hundred years ago Guttenberg created the printing press, which changed […]

Ah… You’ve Been Paying Attention!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog How often do we listen but not really listen? How often do we see, but not really see? Can you remember ever forgetting someone’s name right after you had just met them? Has anybody ever asked you what a friend of yours was wearing and you couldn’t remember? Have you […]

Dan Blanchard’s Interview of Amy-June Remy of the National Honor Society!

 Mrs. Amy-June Remy teaches math at Bellingham High School, as well as SAT, ISEE, and 5th -12th grade math classes at ASC English (a mostly Asian school in Boston) on Saturdays and she privately tutors 15-20 students each week. She is the Adviser to the BHS Math Club, the Coach of the BHS Math Team, […]

Take Responsibility!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog As much as we may want to, if something in our lives isn’t working out right we cannot blame other people or other things. When we blaming someone or something else, we aren’t putting our time and energy into doing something about it. Let’s take responsibility for our own lives […]

We Have Other Options!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Are you struggling? Good! I am too! We all struggle. It’s just the way life is. Believe it or not, it’s good for us to struggle a little bit. Unfortunately though, some of us struggle too much because no one has ever told us the secrets on how to succeed […]

The Trick is to Not Judge People too Quickly!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Sometimes life is tricky, wouldn’t you agree? There is a lot that we do not understand in this world. And in some ways, believe it or not, that is a good thing. Not knowing everything gives us something to work towards and keeps us from getting bored too easily. This […]

Extra Work is Not Too Hard!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Life is already hard enough, right? And if it is already hard enough, then wouldn’t it be even harder, or maybe even too hard, to do more than we are already doing? Well, it’s hard to disagree with that statement, but maybe we should look at what comes next when […]