Dan Blanchard’s Blog Interview of Dr. Jason Carthen!

 Dr. Jason Carthen knows versatility. He knows heart, he knows teamwork and he is the embodiment of passion. Known as The Leadership Linebacker™ he is a former professional football player with the New England Patriots, and a highly sought-after speaker in the areas of Leadership, Sales and identifying your purpose in life. Dr. Carthen formed […]

Grit by Dr. Angela Duckworth

Borrow this book if you have to! Borrow the information inside of the book if you are smart! And make it yours if you are wise!   Angela Duckworth has just written a great book called, Grit. In her book she talks about what grit is and how we can grow it from the inside […]

It Takes Time!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Life certainly has its ups and downs, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it seems like sometimes the downs are more frequent and last longer than the ups. It’s pretty easy to get into a funk and lose our groove during one of those downs, isn’t it? Sometimes the downs seem terrible when […]

Take Responsibility!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog As much as we may want to, if something in our lives isn’t working out right we cannot blame other people or other things. When we blaming someone or something else, we aren’t putting our time and energy into doing something about it. Let’s take responsibility for our own lives […]

We Have Other Options!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog Are you struggling? Good! I am too! We all struggle. It’s just the way life is. Believe it or not, it’s good for us to struggle a little bit. Unfortunately though, some of us struggle too much because no one has ever told us the secrets on how to succeed […]

I Don’t Have Time to Die!

           A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! I don’t have time to die is a pretty arrogant statement. But think about how awesome it would be to have that much purpose in our lives, and to truly believe that even a very full and long life is not enough time to get done all the good things […]


A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Fathers come in all shapes and sizes and have many beliefs on what being a good father is all about. Unfortunately, many times these dads’ ideas are a bit outdated. However, regardless of their philosophy on parenting may seem, our youth who have fathers need to be grateful that they […]

Life is About the Little Things!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Toss a tiny pebble in a calm mirror-like lake on a beautiful summer’s day and watch what happens. That tiny pebble that you just tossed a short distance landed in the calm picturesque lake without much of a splash and barely made a sound. Most likely, nobody notice this apparently […]

It’s Okay to Get Your Hands Dirty!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! I can remember a few times in my life when somehow the world stopped spinning for just a moment. What caused this rare moment? Surprisingly, my dirty hands. During these occasional stand-still moments I became lost in in my thoughts while staring at my dirty hands. This would sometimes happen […]

Doers Get Things Done!

A Unique Teen Leadership Blog! Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Huf0ccl3su4 Who are the shakers and movers in your community? Doers are the shakers and movers, of course! Why? Well, it’s really quite simple; doers are shakers and movers because doers get things done. And people who get things done are eventually going to be successful leaders… a.k.a. […]