Book Marketing For Authors Blog 53-Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking   I had a friend who made $10,000 in one month through this strategy of launch jacking. I don’t use it. I’m not that comfortable with it. But hey, my buddy made $10,000 in one month doing this. And there is nothing illegal about making money off of this strategy of launch jacking. […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 52-Our Email Lists

Our Email Lists Okay. Here is what most of us self-publishing indie authors do with building our email list. First, we get an email list provider to provide us with the software and services needed to begin building a list where we can mass email our people. This is way better than using our own […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 51-Idea and Product Creation

Idea and Product Creation   I have always preached that we first must be prolific readers before we can become prolific writers. I have also continuously reminded people over the years that we all need to read everything we can read and talk to every person that we meet. You see, there is this very […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 50-Join an Association

Join an Association   Getting around like-minded people is key. And getting around like-minded people who are a little further up the mountain than us is vital for our success as self-published indie authors. Thankfully, we can easily meet these wonderful people and be influenced by their ideas when we join an association. Go ahead […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 49-Getting an Email List Provider

Getting an Email List Provider Can you believe that I used to manually emailed people when I first started my authorpreneurship business? Yup. I did. And it took me forever to email people to tell them what was going on. Marketing my books was a pain in the butt. It took way too long and […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 48-Structuring Your Business

Structuring Your Business   Think of your business as a pyramid or a funnel where one end is big, and it gradually becomes smaller as we travel from one end to another. Now I don’t care how you’re organizing or picturing this in your mind’s eye, but the key here is to just imagine one […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 47-Getting Book Reviews

Getting Book Reviews   You’re a perfect ten. Yup. You’re a ten or even more. What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about your book reviews, of course. You see, when people click on our self-published Amazon book, one of the things they are going to look for is book reviews. They are going […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 46-Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Yourself   You may be wondering what taking care of yourself has to do with selling books… Well, in a word… EVERYTHING! If we don’t take care of ourselves in this self-publishing indie authoring world, then we have no chance for longevity. And how many times have I told everyone that this […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 45-Getting Fired?

Getting Fired?   Too often in life, we fear getting fired. For those of us who are self-publishing indie authors and still depend on our day jobs income, the fear of losing that income is always in the back of our minds. Heck, sometimes it’s even in the front of our minds, isn’t it? Our […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 44-Starting a Podcast

Starting a Podcast   Do you have something to say? Of course, you do, right? After all, you have a book you self-publishing indie author. So it’s pretty evident that you have a lot to say. And now that you have written a book, you have a bigger voice than you had before your book […]