Book Marketing For Authors Blog 98- Rapid-Fire Book Production

Rapid-Fire Book Production   Times have changed my self-publishing indie authors. We authorpreneurs know that the old days of putting out one book every two years in no longer a good business model for our authorpreneurship business. Hey, I get it. It used to take me two years to write a book, too, when I […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 90- Retargeting to Increase Sales

Retargeting to Increase Sales   Did you know that the big boys and girls in this business love cookies? That’s right, my self-publishing indie authors. Every time we do a search, the big boys like Amazon and Facebook, to mention a few, try to use their cookies. Their cookies are little bits of code that […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 88- Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads   Too many people spend good money and time to do Facebook ads and walk away with less-than-stellar results, my self-publishing indie authors. Many frown and say, “Well, that didn’t work. Boy, this authorpreneur thing is a tough business.” To have success with Facebook ads, it’s kind of like Stephen Covey, author of The […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 83- Getting Social Proof

Getting Social Proof   Hey, my self-publishing indie authors, guess what? If I tell you or anyone else how great I am, or how right I am, you may be hesitant to believe it. But, if you say it, or if others say it, then I have some credibility now. This sort of thing gets […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 78- Repurposing

Repurposing   We shouldn’t have to recreate the wheel every time we want to create something new in our self-publishing indie authoring world. When we learn to repurpose, we will be on the right track to becoming real authorpreneurs. So, what is repurposing? Well, it really is quite simple. It’s the same philosophy of not […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 73- Being Accessible

Being Accessible   We live in a world of instant gratification now, wouldn’t you agree? Many of us don’t do so well with that delayed gratification of things nowadays. So, we have to make it very, very easy for people to find us. They just don’t do it on their own, my self-published indie authors. […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 71- Habits of Success

Habits of Success   Set your alarm clock. Yup. Getting up earlier is one of the secret habits of success. Just ask one of our greatest Americans, Benjamin Franklin. Didn’t he say something about the one that gets up early is the one that gets the worm? Listen, my self-publishing indie authors, you all know […]