Book Marketing For Authors Blog 98- Rapid-Fire Book Production

Rapid-Fire Book Production   Times have changed my self-publishing indie authors. We authorpreneurs know that the old days of putting out one book every two years in no longer a good business model for our authorpreneurship business. Hey, I get it. It used to take me two years to write a book, too, when I […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 97- Meeting Big-Time People

Meeting Big-Time People   Smile and say, “Hi,” my self-publishing indie authors. Yup. Smiling and saying “Hi” will open up many doors or at least help start a lot of conversations. And if you think your path might have just crossed with a big-time influencer, do what you always do; smile and say “Hi.” If […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 96- Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor   All professional athletes have coaches and mentors. Most movers and shakers have had coaches and mentors, too. Just because we’re all grown up now, my self-publishing indie authors, it doesn’t mean we’re too old for some expert guidance. So be wise, and seek some. What is the difference between a coach […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 94- Improving Your Book Listing

Improving Your Book Listing   Too often our books don’t sell as well as we’d like them to sell. Or perhaps, my self-publishing indie authors, we had a book that was selling pretty well, but eventually, the sales slowed to a trickle. We all hate these two scenarios above, but guess what, my authorpreneurs? All […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 93- Make Even More Money This Month

Make Even More Money This Month   More work done means more possibilities of income streams, right my self-publishing indie authors? Every book, informational product, and service we provide has a chance to become a constant and steady drip of money into our bank accounts. None of these income streams have to be gushing streams […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 92- Making Some Money this Month

Making Some Money this Month   I know making money through our authoring business can be very frustrating for all of us self-publishing indie authors. We try and try, and so little seems to come from it. From time to time, we wonder if we’re really just hobbyists instead of authorpreneurs. Sometimes, the money is […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 90- Retargeting to Increase Sales

Retargeting to Increase Sales   Did you know that the big boys and girls in this business love cookies? That’s right, my self-publishing indie authors. Every time we do a search, the big boys like Amazon and Facebook, to mention a few, try to use their cookies. Their cookies are little bits of code that […]

Book Marketing For Authors Blog 89- Creating Offers

Creating Offers   Hey, my self-publishing indie authors, do you want to take the next step to become a real authorpreneur? Of course, you do, right? Okay! This is what you do. You get better at creating offers. Too many of us just put our books and services out without a good offer. Or, if […]